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Jan Rabson is a voice over actor whose list of credits is so long, chances are, you have laughed at him many times. For over 40 years he has breathed life into words on the page, turning them into memorable, often funny, and always lovable characters.

As with all great actors, his ability to capture the humanity of a character is distinctive. Conveying depth, humility, empathy and humor, Jan connects with audiences.

He has acted in thousands of films, TV shows, multi-media games, radio and TV commercials. Called upon by directors for his extraordinary versatility, his character voices range from young to old including every accent and dialect imaginable.

On the animated big screen his credits include, Bug’s Life, Toy Story I, II and III, Finding Nemo, Shrek 2, Wall-E, Monster’s Inc, Ponyo, Horton Hears a Who, and most recently “The Lorax”. His commercial voice-over work includes McDonald’s, Pepsi, Ford, Budweiser, and L.A. Gear, and Apple. You might also remember Jan from TV series, both on-screen and off, in movies and in commercials. Jan’s TV credits include Married With Children, Cheers, Designing Women, Night Court, Wings, Star Trek and The Tonight Show.

Jan was born in East Meadow, New York. He credits his facility with foreign accents to his father’s business clientele. His father, an accountant, worked out of the family home and many of his clients were immigrant small business owners from Brooklyn and Queens. Simply answering the phone, Jan gained a first hand education into the dialects and accents of his Dad’s clients.

He first began working in the film business at the age of fifteen when he was hired by Bristol-Meyers to write and produce short educational films. One of the films he created and starred in received a US Senate subcommittee award.

After obtaining his degree in Theatre Arts from Long Island University, and subsequently acting on stage in New York, Jan moved to Los Angeles in 1977 to pursue onscreen and voice over acting. A brave young upstart, he connected with his hero Mel Blanc early on — who was taken with Jan and got him his first Hollywood agent.

His quick wit was a natural fit for improv and he enjoyed performing with most of the well-known improv groups during his early years in L.A. He was a member of the Groundlings in ’77 & ’78, working with Phil Hartman, Paul Rubens, Edie McClurg and many others, including Robin Williams and Fred Willard.

Jan’s improvisational skills were most apparent as a member of Johnny Carson’s Mighty Art Players in the 90’s, when he appeared with Johnny, on and off camera, in sketches and provided the voice-over for answering machines, cash registers and dozens of other inanimate objects.

His voices range from friendly to acerbic and he is particularly noted for his dry wit and improv ability. He is a favorite among producers who want to bring a script to life. His humor comes out in dialogue spots as both the straight man and the fall guy and his “man on the street” is usually peppered with a subtle wit.

Jan also is a writer and producer and along with his wife Cindy Akers, who is a renowned and respected voice director, ran Voicetrax West, a full production recording facility in Los Angeles for over a decade.

Currently, Jan divides his time between his home on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia where he works remotely, and Vancouver and Los Angeles. He enjoys mentoring and teaching the art of voice over as well as continuing to work in the business he loves so much.

These days, Jan works solely in voice-over, “Unless a producer calls me out of the blue for something — i.e.; Baywatch. How could I refuse?” says Jan.

Classic Jan Rabson.

Credits (Taken from IMDB.com)

The Secret Life of Pets (completed)
Additional Voices (voice)
 2012-2015My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (TV Series)
Wind Rider / Mulia Mild

Rarity Investigates! (2015) … Wind Rider (voice)
MMMystery on the Friendship Express (2012) … Mulia Mild (voice, uncredited)
Additional Voices (voice)
 2015/IInside Out
Additional Voices (voice, uncredited)
 2013Despicable Me 2
Additional Voices (voice)
 2013Monsters University
Additional Voices (voice)
 2012The Lorax
Additional Voices (voice)
 2011Toy Story Toons: Small Fry (Short)
Additional Voices (voice)
 2010-2011Mater’s Tall Tales (TV Mini-Series)
Additional Voice Talent / The Ice Creamer / Additional Voice / …

Air Mater (2011) … Additional Voice Talent (voice)
Moon Mater (2010) … (voice)
Monster Truck Mater (2010) … The Ice Creamer (voice)
Heavy Metal Mater (2010) … Additional Voice (voice)
Tokyo Mater (2010) … Additional Voices (voice)
 2011Quest for Zhu
Zhu Fu / Mangawanga (voice)
 2010Toy Story 3: The Video Game (Video Game)
Sparks (voice)
 2010Toy Story 3
Sparks (voice)
 2009Playmobil: The Secret of Pirate Island (Video)
Voodoo Daddy (voice)
Additional Voices (voice)
 2008Tokyo Mater (Short)
Additional Voices (voice)
 2008Ponyo (English version, voice)
Axiom Passenger #11 (voice)
 2008Horton Hears a Who!
Town Cryer / Additional Voices (voice)
 2007Bratz: Super Babyz (Video)
Tuber / Recorded Announcer (voice)
 2007Surf’s Up (voice)
 2006Happily N’Ever After
Additional Voices (voice)
 2006Cars (voice)
 2006Ice Age: The Meltdown (voice)
 2005A Fairy Tale Christmas (TV Movie)
Crofton / Farmer (voice)
 2004All Grown Up! (TV Series)
Robobut / Rodeo Guy

Saving Cynthia (2004) … Robobut / Rodeo Guy (voice)
 2004Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper (Video)
Midas / Nack (voice)
 2002Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (Video Game)
Prison Guard #2 (voice, as Jan Rabsen)
 2002Rugrats (TV Series)
Steve Malone / Weatherman

Quiet, Please/Early Retirement (2002) … Steve Malone / Weatherman (voice)
 2002Justice League (TV Series)
Professor Erlich

Paradise Lost (2002) … Professor Erlich (voice)
 2001Monsters, Inc. (voice)
 2000Sacrifice (Video Game) (voice)
 1999Thousand Arms (Video Game) (voice)
 1999Toy Story 2
Additional voices (voice)
 1998-1999Chucklewood Critters (TV Series)

Arrival of the Fittest (1999) … (voice, as Stanley Gurd Jr.)
The Treasure of Chucklewood, Part 2: The Rescue (1999) … (voice, as Stanley Gurd Jr.)
The Treasure of Chucklewood, Part 1: The Search (1999) … (voice, as Stanley Gurd Jr.)
Unidentified Furry Object (1999) … (voice, as Stanley Gurd Jr.)
The Lone Pony (1999) … (voice, as Stanley Gurd Jr.)
 1999Beverly Hills, 90210 (TV Series)

Local Hero (1999) … Sal
 1999Batman Beyond (TV Series)
Rocketeer Leader

Heroes (1999) … Rocketeer Leader (voice)
 1998King’s Quest VIII: Mask of Eternity (Video Game)
Crystal Mystic / Henchman (voice)
 1998A Bug’s Life (voice)
 1997Almost Perfect (TV Series)
Man in Line

Gimme Shelter (1997) … Man in Line
 1997Pinky and the Brain (TV Series)
Farmer / Referee

Brain Noir (1997) … Farmer
Hoop Schemes (1997) … Referee (voice)
Additional Voices (voice)
 1996The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (TV Series)
Avery / Donaldson

Alligators and Okeechobee Vikings (1996) … Avery / Donaldson (voice)
 1996Baywatch (TV Series)

Shark Fever (1996) … Frank
 1996Black Jack
Son (English version, voice, as Stanley Gurd Jr.)
 1996Babylon 5 (TV Series)

Interludes and Examinations (1996) … Vendor
 1996The Why Why? Family (TV Series) (1996) (voice, as Stanly Gurd Jr.)
 1995Theodore Rex
Tina Rex / Voice Performer (voice)
 1995Toy Story
Gas Station Attendant / Mr. Mike (voice)
 1994-1995Creepy Crawlers (TV Series)
Jolt Volt / Top Hat

Bugzilla (1995) … Jolt Volt / Top Hat (voice, as Stanley Gurd Jr.)
Camp Nightmare (1995) … Jolt Volt / Top Hat (voice, as Stanley Gurd Jr.)
A Real Numb Skull (1995) … Jolt Volt / Top Hat (voice, as Stanley Gurd Jr.)
Deja Goop (1995) … Jolt Volt / Top Hat (voice, as Stanley Gurd Jr.)
Dawn of the Super Goop (1995) … Jolt Volt / Top Hat (voice, as Stanley Gurd Jr.)
 1995Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (TV Series)

The Fire Down Below (1995) … Pyro (voice, uncredited)
 1995Street Fighter II: V (TV Series)
Additional Voices

Fight to the Finish: Round 3 (1995) … Additional Voices (as Stanley Gurd Jr.)
The Icy Light in Their Eyes (1995) … Additional Voices (as Stanley Gurd Jr.)
Rising Dragon, Into the Sky (1995) … Additional Voices (as Stanley Gurd Jr.)
Compulsion Towards Vengence (1995) … Additional Voices (as Stanley Gurd Jr.)
Unknown Explosive Force (1995) … Additional Voices (as Stanley Gurd Jr.)
 1995Skeleton Warriors (TV Series)
King Donogard / Skeleton Chief Guard

Brawl and Chain (1995) … King Donogard (voice)
Harmonic Divergence (1995) … Skeleton Chief Guard (voice)
 1994A Flintstones Christmas Carol (TV Movie)
Additional Voices (voice)
 1994Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist (Video Game)
Sam Andreas / Wheaton Hall / Diamond Jim Laffer (voice)
 1994School Daze (TV Movie) (voice, as Stanley Gurd Jr.)
 1993All-New Dennis the Menace (TV Series)

Dennis the Genius (1993) … (voice)
Wish You Weren’t Here (1993) … (voice)
Moms Helper/Battle of the Bonding (1993) … (voice)
Pig Out/Yankee Doodle Dennis (1993) … (voice)
Navy Destroyer (1993) … (voice)
 1993Animaniacs (TV Series)
Papa / Director

Animator’s Alley/Can’t Buy a Thrill/Holly Woodchuck (1993) … Papa / Director (voice)
 1991-1993Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TV Series)

Return of the Turtleoid (1992) … Kerma (voice)
 1993Bonkers (TV Series)

A Wooly Bully (1993) … (voice, as Jan Rapsin)
 1992-1993The Pirates of Dark Water (TV Series)

The Living Treasure (1993) … (voice)
The Soul Stealer (1993) … (voice)
Sister of the Sword (1993) … (voice)
The Pandawa Plague (1993) … (voice)
The Game Players of Undaar (1992) … (voice)
 1993City Hunter
Kari’s Brother (voice, uncredited)
 1993T’was the Day Before Christmas (TV Movie) (voice, as Stanley Gurd Jr.)
 1992What’s Up Mom? (TV Movie) (voice, as Stanley Gurd Jr.)
 1992Kris Kross: Make My Video (Video Game)
Sudden Cinema (as Jan Rapson)
 1992The Honey Bunch (TV Movie) (voice, as Stanley Gurd Jr.)
 1991Where’s Waldo? (TV Series)

The Land of the Lost Pyramid (1991) … (voice)
Viking Fling (1991) … (voice)
Ahead of the Future (1991) … (voice)
The Living Exhibits (1991) … (voice)
The Land of the Carpet Flyers (1991) … (voice)
 1991Spacecats (TV Series)
Incidental Characters (1991) (voice)
 1991Howie and Rose (TV Movie)
 1991Parker Lewis Can’t Lose (TV Series)
Future Jerry

Jerry’s First Date (1991) … Future Jerry
 1990Growing Pains (TV Series)
Rod Serling

Happy Halloween: Part 2 (1990) … Rod Serling
 1990White Palace
Additional Voice (voice)
 1987-1990Night Court (TV Series)
Mr. Borelli / Laughton

A Closer Look (1990) … Mr. Borelli
Who Was That Mashed Man? (1987) … Laughton
 1989Designing Women (TV Series)
Man #2

Manhunt (1989) … Man #2
 1989Knight & Daye (TV Series)

New York! New York? (1989) … Bill
 1989Tour of Duty (TV Series)
Dr. Horowitz

Non-Essential Personnel (1989) … Dr. Horowitz
 1988They Live
Anchor (voice, uncredited)
 1988Empty Nest (TV Series)
Cop #4

Barbara Gets Shot (1988) … Cop #4
Tetsuo / Gang 4 / Council 6 (1989) (English version, voice, as Stanley Gurd Jr.)
 1988Denver, the Last Dinosaur (TV Series)
Additional Voices (voice)
 1987Thirtysomething (TV Series)
Jerry Stahl

Housewarming (1987) … Jerry Stahl
 1987Fatal Attraction
Party Guest
 1987Jaws: The Revenge
Additional Voices (voice)
 1987Wings of Honneamise
Dormuhot (English version, voice, as Stanley Gurd Jr.)
 1987Black Magic M-66 (Video)
Hiker 1 / Gas Mask / Crash Site Officer 6 / … (English version, voice, as Stanley Gurd Jr.)
 1986What’s Happening Now! (TV Series)

Mr. First Nighter (1986) … Murray
 1985Hunter (TV Series)

The Big Fall (1985) … Reporter
 1985Pee-wee’s Big Adventure
Anchor (voice, uncredited)
 1985Hoomania (Video short) (voice)
 1984After MASH (TV Series)
Bellino / Kluszewski

Ward Is Hell (1984) … Bellino
Up and Down Payments (1984) … Kluszewski
 1984Katy Caterpillar
City Rat (English version, voice)
 1984Racing with the Moon
Sailor (voice)
 1984Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
Unidentified Character (voice, uncredited)
 1983Crusher Joe: The Movie
Talos / Valentine / Cpt. Kowalsky / … (English version, voice)
 1983Cheers (TV Series)

Now Pitching, Sam Malone (1983) … Director
 1982Knight Rider (TV Series)

Not a Drop to Drink (1982) … Dewey
 1982Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
Grand Wazir (English version, voice)
 1982The Facts of Life (TV Series)

New York, New York (1982) … Waiter
 1982One Day at a Time (TV Series)

Stick ’em Up (1982) … Charlie
 1981Kidô senshi Gandamu
Additional Voices (English version, voice, as Stanley Gurd Jr.)
Gods (1983) (English version, voice, uncredited)
 1980Don de la mancha (TV Mini-Series)
Disguises / Dream Villain / Mayor

Surprise!: Monster and child (1980) … Disguises (English version, voice, uncredited)
Witches prefer Knights (1980) … Disguises (English version, voice, uncredited)
Where are you, dear princess? (1980) … Dream Villain / Mayor (English version, voice, uncredited)

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