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Gavin Hammon ProfileHaving always been interested in not shutting up, Gavin began training to be a voice actor shortly after birth. This fixation extended through choirs, plays, improv troupes and rock bands, peppered with occasional visits to the principal’s office. In the late 1990’s, he enrolled at VoiceTrax in Sausalito, CA and trained with Samantha Paris, Pat Fraley and Tom Pinto, among many others, covering as wide a range of voice-over education available. Typically atypical, Gavin rounded out his VO training by studying Linguistics at UC Berkeley, where he specialized in phonology and dialectology, which offers an unusual authenticity to his accents.

By 2005, Gavin had covered a wide range of voice work in the SF Bay
Area, “appearing” in national radio and TV spots for Pioneer, Hasbro,
Dow, Cub Cadet and Sprint, as well as in high profile interactive
projects–Batman Begins, The Godfather 1 & 2, Iron Man, The Simpsons,
Avatar and many more. He’s voice-matched numerous celebrities for
games, toys and TV and has narrated corporate videos for AT&T, Visa,
Sprint, Yahoo, the Gap, the US Army, and many more.

Currently, Gavin can be heard in commercials for Slim Jim, Brita,
Slingbox, Toyota, Honda, and Mattel. He plays Kenny in Telltale’s
groundbreaking The Walking Dead: The Game which has earned a
staggering 65+ ‘Game of The Year’ awards. He also appears in such
blockbusters as Halo 4, Hitman: Absolution, Rift, Tomb Raider, Dead
Space 3 and Sim City. He plays Varus and Blood Lord Vlad in League of
Legends, the epically popular online game from Riot Games. In 2011,
Gavin was cast as the voice for the relaunch of Hasbro’s Furby, even
localizing the toy’s 6 personalities in 13 languages worldwide!

Credits (Taken from

Hitman: Absolution (Video Game)

2012Halo 4 (Video Game)
Additional Voices (voice)

2011Law & Order: Legacies (Video Game)
Franklin Bedford (voice)

2011BackStab HD (Video Game)
Henry Blake

2011Gideon (short)
Gideon (voice)

2010Bakugan: Defenders of the Core (Video Game)

2009Avatar: The Game (Video Game)
Na’vi (voice)

2009Infamous (Video Game)
Additional Voices (voice)

2009The Godfather II (Video Game)
Frank Pentangeli (voice)

2009Sonic and the Black Knight (Video Game)
King Arthur (voice)

2009Lord of the Rings: Conquest (Video Game)
Rohan Officer #1 (voice) / Ringwraith (voice)

2008Aion (Video Game) (voice)

2008A Vampyre Story (Video Game)
Monsignonr Calvin (voice)

2008Iron Man (Video Game)
Bruno Horgan (voice) / Melter (voice)

2008Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath (Video Game) (voice)

2008Lost: Via Domus (Video Game) (voice)

2007Art of Murder: FBI Confidential (Video Game) (voice: English version)

2007CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – Hard Evidence (Video Game)
Ed Freeborn (voice)

2007Highlander: The Search for Vengeance (video)
Additional Voices (voice)

2006The Godfather: Mob Wars (Video Game)
Captain McCluskey (voice)

2006Bone: The Great Cow Race (Video Game)
Cecil (voice)

2006The Godfather (Video Game)
Captain McCluskey (voice)

2005Batman Begins (Video Game)
Flass’ Deputy (voice)

2004Tenchu: Fatal Shadows (Video Game) (voice: English version)

2004Kuon (Video Game) (voice)

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