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Dennis BatemanDennis Bateman landed in the high-tech mecca of Seattle just as the world of interactive gaming exploded onto the digital scene. He caught the first wave in now-legendary titles such as Spy Fox, Left 4 Dead, F.E.A.R. II, and Tron, and continues into the current generation with Halo 3, The Matrix, DOTA II, and The Devils’ Attorney. Dennis may be best known as the indomitable Spy, and the Pyro, in the long-running blockbuster, Team Fortress II, and has voiced social- media Parkour games like Vector, Shadow Fight, and Gladiator.

As an actor, Dennis guest-stars as Adam Worth IV in LEVERAGE, TNT’s smash-hit series
starring Timothy Hutton. He appears in the films Men of Honor with Robert DeNiro, Body
Language with Heather Locklear, Forbidden Choices with Martha Plimpton, and in the role
of legendary newsman Edward R. Murrow in Take My Advice. He is featured in Northern
Exposure, The Fugitive, In My Shoes, and the miniseries, Pandora’s Clock.

Dennis has worked & played in the voice-over business for thirty years, and has also been a race announcer and an auctioneer. He has been heard in hundreds of commercials, narrations, recorded books, and radio dramas. He makes his home in Seattle, WA with his wife and two sons, where he continues to perform for the stage & screen, and of course…the microphone.

Credits (Taken from

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Video Game)
Pyro/Spy (voice)

2012Meet the Pyro (video short)
Pyro (voice) / Spy (voice)

2012Dota 2 (Video Game)
Invoker (voice)

2011Meet the Medic (video short)
Spy (voice)

2011/IJudas Kiss
Jude’s Father

2010Leverage (TV series)
Adam Worth IV

– The Jailhouse Job (2010) … Adam Worth IV
2009Halo 3: ODST (Video Game)
Tom/Additional Voices (voice)

2009Meet the Spy (video short)
Spy (voice)

2009F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin (Video Game) (voice)

2008Left 4 Dead (Video Game)
Helicopter Pilot (voice)

2007Team Fortress 2 (Video Game)
Pyro (voice) / Spy (voice)

2007Meet the Soldier (video short)
Pyro (voice)

2007I Scream (short)

2005Sly Dog (short)

2003TRON 2.0 (Video Game)
I-No/Kernel/fCon CEO (voice)

2001The Fugitive (TV series)

– Jenny (2001) … Denning
2000Men of Honor
Navy Instructor

1994Northern Exposure (TV series)

– Grand Prix (1994) … Co-Dependency
1992Body Language (TV movie)
Executive #2

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